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VersaWall Pickleball Training Rebounder

VersaWall Pickleball Training Rebounder

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The most reliable Drilling Partner: Ultimate versatility to set up any angle, width, configuration and location along with practicing type of pickleball shot. 

  • Improves your game by practicing a variety of shots at home - dinks, volleys, drives, drops, serves and more!
  • Magnetically attaches to either the steel frame on wheels or the outside of your garage doors.
  • Powder coated steel frame with caster wheels that is weatherproof.
  • Sectioned surfaces for easy transportation and so you can store on the garage door while opening and closing.
  • Net and target references for precision practice
  • Adjustable height and width: 36" or 72" wide (single set vs double), x 36" - 72" high x 18" deep
  • Weight is ~42 lbs a set (with single set of panels) and ~54 lbs with a double set of panels)
  • Made from Fiberglass with honeycomb Polycore (same material as pickleball paddles) and weatherproof.
  • Included accessories: Tape measure, court markers, angle protractor.
  • Modular so you can add more sets to increase the hitting surface area
  • Portable: legs fold for easy storage and transportation.  Quick set-up available.
  • Inquire about installing the VersaWall on park fencing, drywall or at schools.
  • Patent Pending
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